Warrior skills

Warriors are unparalled in close quarter combat and can make an amazing amount of punishment They are proud and charismati, easily gathering allies and floowers around them. They use cold steel and a blazing spirit to bring tranquility to the world. However, magic is their weakness.

Image Skill Description
File:S Shaolin Stance.gif
Cut the enemy with lightning speed. Frontal Slash Attack 3 times. Attack on Multiple Targets.
File:S Whirlwind.gif
Spin the sword to attack several enemies. Frontal Slash Attack. Attack on Multiple Targets.
File:S Berserk.gif
Only concentrate on attacking. Increases Attack Speed. Increases Moving Speed. Increases Received Damage.
File:S Aura of Sword.gif
Increases Attack Power for a time.
File:S Charge.gif
You attack as fast as a Bullet. Powerful Splash Attack.
File:S Thunder Sword.gif
Summon a mighty thunder against a foe. Frontal Splash Attack.
Image Skill Description
File:S Spirit Strike.gif
Attack enemies directly. Frontal Splash Attack.
File:S Tiger Bash.gif
Attack enemies directly. Straight Splash Attack. Attack on Multiple Targets.
File:S Lion Stomp.gif
Hit away several enemies. Straight Splash Attack. Fainting Effect Chance.
File:S Taichi.gif
Increases Defence. Decreases Moving Speed. Never fall back.
File:S Sword Strike.gif
Attack enemies directly. Long Range Attack. Attack on Multiple Targets. Fainting Effect.
File:S Thunder Wave.gif
Unleash a powerful Thunder Attack. Attack on Multiple Targets.