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Q. Is Metin2 Singapore an official server?
A. Metin2 Singapore or SG for short is the official licensee for Singapore. You can view the list of authorized Ymir partners here
Any server not managed by a company in this list is private and hence illegal. Yes, that hungarian one as well.

Q. Can I make a client for your server in my own language?
A. While modification of the client is, in principle, not allowed by our Terms and Conditions, we don't take action against modifications which do not mean an unfair advantage ingame. However note that the frequent updates we have may render your client obsolete every week.

Q. I found a bug / have a suggestion! Can I tell them to staff ingame?
A. It's better when you share it to everyone through the appropiate forum, except when it's a bug exploit that gives you an unfair advantage, in which case it's better to report it through private means.

Q. I would like to join your staff! What can I do?
A. Unlike other servers, we seldom need to seek new staff as we have a very stable team that has remained with little change since the beginning.


Q. When is X event starting?
A. You can see the event calendar here

Q. What's X event? How does it work?
A. Events are described in this forum: here

Q. What's the difference between a Skill Book and a Tome?
A. Purely technical differences which don't affect the player. In practice they work exactly the same.

Q. Can I drop Blessing Scrolls from mobs after level 50?
A. Here you can drop them at any level, but the drop rate is quite low.

Staff and Rules

Q. I have a problem. How can I find a GM ingame?
A. GM are online from 10 AM to 10 PM (GMT time). Just ask for one in call.

Q. I have been scammed/hacked and I have proof. How can I show it to you?
A. Visit our support page.

Q. Can I write to you in my own language?
A. While our staff is able to read several languages and we try our best to help people with language issues, answers will be, in most cases, given in english only.

Q. Can I speak other languages than english in the game?
A. Yes, except in call chat where only english is allowed.

Q. Can I kill other players in free mode?
A. Yes, in any situation.

Q. Is camping (preventing a player from standing up) punishable?
A. No. It's just a tactic.

Q. Can I steal metins or mobs from other players?
A. Yes, you can. Even if the other player is from the same or from a different Kingdom.


Q. The mobs for my quest aren't counting! What can I do?
A. If you are running two quests at the same time which ask you to kill the same kind of monster, they will conflict. Request help from a GM.

Q. Why I didn't get the Uriel diary quests? I am over level 35 already!
A. There are 2 types of quests: main and optional. To get a new main quest -like Uriel pages-, you need to complete the previous one. Also, a main quest cannot be cancelled. Main quests start with "Welcome to Metin".