1. About

When you reach level 25, you can complete Horse Quests to get your own horse. By riding a horse, you can move much faster than walking.

2. Kinds of horses

There are four kinds of horses in game:


You can rent a Pony at Stable Boy. There is no level requirements, so you can ride a pony even if you don't have 25 level. All you need is Horse Riding Ticket B Horse Riding Ticket.png which you can get from missions or buy from other players.
You can ride a Pony only 10 minutes and rent it once a hour. After this time pony will disappear.
If you dismount pony before end of time, it will disappear too.

You can not attack from this horse.

Beginner Horse

Beginner Horse is used only for faster moving. Attacking from this kind of horse is impossible.

You can feed Beginner Horse with Hay B Hay.png
Beginner Horse without Guild
Beginner Horse Brown.png
Beginner Horse with Guild
Beginner Horse Black.png
Beginner Horse as Leader of Guild

Armed Horse

Armed Horse can be used for faster moving and for attacking.
When you mount Armed Horse, your stats are increased: +24 CON, +8 INT, +35 STR and +50 DEX

You can feed Armed Horse with Carrot B Carrot.png
Armed Horse White.png
Armed Horse without Guild
Armed Horse Brown.png
Armed Horse with Guild
Armed Horse Black.png
Armed Horse as Leader of Guild

Military Horse

Military Horse is the last kind of horse available in game. Besides faster moving and attacking, you can also use Riding Skills by reading Horse Riding Tome B Horse Riding Tome.png

Riding Skills

Horseback Slash - Ride a horse and attack enemies
Horse Stomp - Stomp on all enemies nearby
Power Wave - Attack all enemies
Arrow Storm - Shoot several arrows at your opponents. Can be used only with assassin.

When you mount Military Horse, you receive: +33 CON, +13 INT, +48 STR, +68 DEX.

You can feed Military Horse with Red Ginseng B Red Ginseng.png
Military Horse White.png
Military Horse without Guild
Military Horse Brown.png
Military Horse with Guild
Military Horse Black.png
Military Horse as Leader of Guild

3. Food

Every horse need food, otherwise it will die. Frequency of feeding depends of kind of horse. Beginner Horse needs often eat than Military Horse. There three different kinds of food for horses:
Hay B Hay.png for Beginner Horse
Carrot B Carrot.png for Armed Horse
Red Ginseng B Red Ginseng.png for Military Horse

You can get them from all monsters

4. Reviving a dead Horse

If you don't feed horse when it's needed, it will die. You can revive your horse by using specific herb. When you get herb, you have to go to Stable Boy and follow his instructions. Every horse needs different kind of herb:

Dead Horse.png
Dead Horse

5. Horse Taming

You can increase chances of successfully calling the horse, by reading Horse Taming Manual B Horse Taming Manual.png. Maximum level of Horse Taming is 10.

Level: 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Chances: 10% 15% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100%

6. Artemis Candy

You can give own name to your horse by using Artemis Candy B Artemis Candy.png.

When your horse have name, your defence is increased by 20 when you riding on it. You can get this item from Item Mall or you can buy from other players in game.

7. Shortcuts

You can use shortcuts to control your horse easier:
• [Ctrl]+H and [Ctrl]+G - used to mount or dismount your horse
• [Ctrl]+B - used to send away your horse

• [Ctrl}+F - used to feed your horse

8. Horse Quests

To improve your horse abilities, you have to do Horse Quests.
More informations you can find THERE